Everdragons, the Blockchain Based Game Would Soon Debut on Tron

The makers of blockchain based Everdragons game has made it quite clear that they have been working on launching the game on the Tron platform. The team made an official announcement through their twitter handle stating that they have been working on expanding the game and they would very soon come up with an announcement date for the same. The announcement went on the lines of,

“We have been quietly working on TRON for a few weeks now and will have a launch date to announce very soon! The platform will launch with special offers and discounts with some exciting new games to follow,”

Earlier the company has ditched Ethereum platform for the POA network, to make the game more scalable in future. The switch does not mean Ethereum is entirely out of the picture, as the company states, the Everdragon game transactions would be available on the Ethereum, POA and now Tron. However, the actual game will exist on Tron and POA network only.

The reason to go with Tron comes from the fact that, Tron is capable of executing more complex smart contracts. Tron is believed to be a more scalable network with the options of faster transactions and uninterrupted gaming.

What Makes Tron the Ultimate Gaming Platform for Game Development & Deployment?

Apart from the support for a faster transaction over the network, execution of complex smart contracts and high potential for scalability, the more prominent reason for the move is considered to be the $100 Million gaming development support announced by Troy last week. The allocated fund is solely aimed at expanding the growth of blockchain based gaming on the network.

The Everdragon game is a truly blockchain game with many features such as in-game asset collection with real ownership. Each entity in the game hold some value just like the cryptocurrency tokens, and a player can exchange these tokens against a Fiat currency. Not only that, the game includes dragons which are 100% unique with true ownership like Bitcoin and ethereum.