Crypto Investing Met Tinder Match

Even Crypto Investing Has Met Its Tinder Match

An under-the-radar project investor in the crypto space, Jeff Morris, Jr. told: “The average consumer just doesn’t care about decentralization”.

Through the Chapter One Ventures created last year, Morris has quietly gotten in one some of the buzziest crypto companies over 2017 and 2018 – paradigm, Blockfolio, Radar Relay and CryptoKitties

But while this side project has kept itself away from the limelight, so far, his day job is a household name: Tinder. A member of publicly traded Match Group that controls most of the world’s major dating applications, Tinder was the one to be able to pierce the public consciousness by making online dating feel more like a game.

And for all the Tumblrs and memes it has spawned, the Tinder team has achieved the reputation as a focused product company, one with an application honed for making introductions between strangers through its innovative double opt-in approach.

At the dating site, Morris is currently serving as the head of product and revenue. He expressed that experience has provided a lot of lessons helping him decide what crypto companies to invest in and that the broader crypto industry may need to take heed to.

But being someone in a super successful traditional tech company, Morris’ realization didn’t come right away. There wasn’t much pushing him to really think profoundly about crypto until his career network started taking a shift and displayed that he might be missing something.

He told in an interview:

“Crypto didn’t feel super real to me until I saw people I knew working at brand-name companies going to work on crypto projects.”

And so, at the begging of the year, Morris wrote on Chapter One’s website which he wished to invest in 10 crypto projects in 2018. He has already surpassed that with 12 investments made. Five of those are the companies which haven’t told the public they exist yet.