eToro Adds Tron To its Crypto Exchange Platform

eToro is one of the emerging players in the crypto trading services, where the platform has recently added Tron to its list of crypto trading services recently. This expands the platform’s portfolio to 15 digital currencies.

eToro was already offering bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, EOS, and even Binance Coin before the latest addition of TRON. The social trading platform has been making waves in the crypto space with its new and innovative ways to attract customers.

The addition of Tron as a trading option on eToro comes days after it has announced a zero commission trading for its clients based in the United Kingdom.

eToro is all About Making the Right Moves

eToro as a social trading platform has garnered a lot of buzz around its platform in quite a small time frame. The platform was recently granted a license from Gibraltar to operate in certain states of the US as well.

The recent listings of TRON on eToro did not really create a buzz in the market to drive its prices up. However, this is not all bad, as it signifies how the crypto trade markets have matured over the years and shed the price volatility which was earlier governed by the PR buzz and media hype.

TRON Making Great Progress

Along with eToro, the TRON platform has also seen a surge of development work on its platform in recent times. The TRON platform based DApss has been setting the decentralized world on fire. One of its decentralized application is fairing better than any other application in the decentralized space, both in terms of user-base and daily activity.

TRON is also set to launch its own decentralized content sharing platform. The creators behind the project believe that its decentralized content sharing platform would change the way people have been sharing their content online. The new platform promises to provide complete authority to the creators and empower them to freely publish and control their work online.

Tron started out on Ethereum network but later created their own platform challenging Ethereum in its own trade. TRON platform makers claim to be much better than that of Ethereum both in terms of scalability and the number of transactions that it can handle simultaneously.