Ethfinex Announces Integration With Rigoblock Asset Management

Ether-based community trading system Ethfinex has announced its full integration of the Rigoblock asset management infrastructure on Ethfinex Trustless. According to Ethfinex’s blog, the integration means that “anyone, anywhere, can set up, run and invest in Ethereum-based token pools in a matter of minutes.”

Rigoblock is a Blockchain protocol that makes it possible for anyone to set up and run a decentralized token pool. Rigoblock’s tools help developers to personalize the Blockchain protocols and build their own applications. Along with its proof-of-performance algorithm which rewards operators according to how well their operations are running, Rigoblock brings in a fresh new take on asset management. Additionally, it eliminates the need for management and performance fees.

The team-up of Rigoblock and Ethfinex means that now potential traders can simply use the Blockchain protocols from the Trustless UI mentioned above and set up their own Ethereum-based token pool.

Rigoblock’s USP is the ability to enable users to make tailor-made Blockchain applications on top of it. This personalization means that all parties involved in the trading are free from the worrying of other parties dipping their hands into their profits.

Gabriele Rigo, the Founder of Rigoblock was optimistic about the partnership and said,

“We are excited to reveal the integration of two open protocols working seamlessly together to bring value to this space. We are confident that Rigoblock and Ethfinex collectively will pave the way for evermore innovative applications being built, and thereby a new wave of financial revolution.” 

It is clear that the primary goal for both the companies right now is helping developers in building fully customizable applications to deploy their own investment vehicles as they wish.

Kasper Rasmussen of Ethfinex was the one making the announcement on the company’s behalf through their blog, and he echoed Rigoblock’s enthusiasm in the new joint venture. It seems that both the companies have a lot to gain from this and definitely a lot to look forward to. He wrote,

“We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with Rigoblock to deliver a seamless asset management experience on Ethereum. With a shared ethos to provide a democratised and decentralized trading environment for the community, we are certain that this collaboration will pave the road for fantastic developments to take place within the realm of decentralised finance.”

It is only a matter of time now before we see if the market shares the same enthusiasm as the companies and if this promising new move makes ripples on the Blockchain market.