Ethfinex Adds Portis Wallet To Their Trading Platform

As per recently received news reports, ETHfinex, has added Portis, a new wallet to their decentralized exchange platform, which is commonly known as a DEX, in order to facilitate smart contracts in crypto trading.

Ethfinex is a spinoff of Bitfinex, which notably capitalizes on Bitfinex’s trading engine and customer experience expertise so that they can deliver the most highly liquid and advanced trading platform available for ERC20 tokens and crowd sales.  This new collaboration with Portis is to occur on their decentralized exchange platform, ETHfinex Trustless.

ETHfinex Trustless is an Ethereum-based trading solution placing security, privacy, and control in the hands of the user where the user does not have to sign up, or experience deposit or withdrawal delays, and most importantly do not have to sacrifice the custody of their tokens.

This collaboration comes at a very vital time for Ethereum based token, as users will be able to trade them on Bitfinex’s spinoff platform, solely using smart contracts. This means that users will no longer have to deal with limitations as have been enforced by custodial exchanges. This client-side encryption is carried on through a password selected by the user, using AES-GCM. This password never leaves the device. On top of this, the safety of the transactions that occur subsequently will be made secure through end-to-end encryption. Portis servers are known to safeguard only user-encrypted wallets, which means that no one, without the users’ explicit consent, can have access to any user’ wallet.

This partnership with Portis, only adds to the list of wallets that are available for instant trading on. ETHfinex Trustless. Some of them are Browser Wallet, Ledger, Trezor, and Keystore. However, the official website provides reassurance by mentioning that “Ethfinex does not gain access to your tokens when you connect your wallet.”