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Ethereum-powered Student Marketplace bitJob Goes Live

An Israeli Blockchain Technology company has launched a Blockchain-based student marketplace and job platform called bitJob. The platform is powered by the Ethereum network. After going live, the platform is accepting subscribers.

According to the official bitJob website, the platform was founded in early 2016, thereafter it ran a successful Initial Coin Offering which helped bitJob raise as much as USD 3 million for the development of the platform.

bitJob’s ecosystem incorporates Student Tokens (STU). These tokens are built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and their primary role in the platform’s ecosystem is to provide for a way to make payments inside the bitJob app as well serve as rewards.

bitJob comes to the market at an interesting time because while Blockchain-based jobs posted on career platforms are quite common, however, the market was yet to see the same happening on a Blockchain-based platform.

According to the press release published by the company, bitJob went live on January 28, 2019. The platform is now accepting new subscribers.

bitJob is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and it endeavours to foster transparency and trust between employers and employees. This trust is achieved through the reward feature of the platform. The platform’s native cryptocurrency STU will be used in the reward system.

Dror Medalion, the Chief Executive Officer at bitJob, was quoted as saying,

“By using our smart contracts, you can track and manage the rewards that members receive from positive social actions within the bitJob ecosystem.”

In addition to finding jobs, bitJob can also be used by students to earn some extra income. The platform enables fresh graduates to gain experience and earn rewards at the same time by successfully completing tasks. Hence, bitJob comes across a holistic ecosystem to foster the careers of students.