Ethereum the most promising blockchain platform: Golem CEO

Ethereum the most promising blockchain platform: Golem CEO

Zulian Zawistowski, the CEO of Golem, a smart contracts-based decentralized supercomputer, stated in a recent statement that Ethereum is the most promising blockchain platform in the global cryptocurrency sector and no other blockchain protocol comes remotely close to Ethereum’s potential and applicability.

Golem is an Ethereum-based blockchain network that enables users and applications (requesters) to rent out cycles of other users’ (providers) machines. Any user ranging from a single PC owner to a large data centre can share resources through Golem and get paid in GNT (Golem Network Tokens) by requesters.

It is capable of solving difficult mathematical problems and processing complex computations by utilizing the computing power of its users’ computers, machines, and data centres. It is the 47th largest cryptocurrency with a $387 million market valuation. It was recently introduced to the South Korean market with the support of Bithumb which happens to be the country’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange.

The development and commercialization of Golem are led by Zawistowski, who is also the CEO and he has stated that his development team has been building applications alongside the Ethereum blockchain network since its early days. According to him, Ethereum is the most promising blockchain protocol in the global sector.

“Ethereum is by far the most promising platform and we cannot see another one that’s remotely close to it. Of course, we would like to interact with the blockchain more and once Ethereum scales we will be able to do it in a wider manner. We have been supporting and building on top of Ethereum since its very early days. In fact, we realized that Golem would be possible to be built and work on Ethereum and thanks to Ethereum,” said Zawistowski.