“Ethereum Killer” EOS Beats Ethereum To Top Spot In China’s Blockchain Rankings

The blockchain rankings sponsored directly by the government of China have been released. While the so-called “Ethereum Killer” EOS has clinched the top spot, the blockchain that underlies pioneering, top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has been placed way down, at the 15th position. A press release dated 24th January, 2018, made these rankings public.

The rankings were done by a body called the CCID, which stands for China’s Center for Information and Industry Development. It is a monthly ranking system, which initiated in May of 2018. January 2019 represents the ninth edition of the ranking index.

When it comes to the Chinese blockchain rankings, EOS is well-acquainted with the top spot as it has maintained that position for the eighth month in a row, having missed it only in the first month, May,2018.

This index is known as the Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index and it carries forward with the legacy it has built for itself over the last nine months.

While EOS does deserve a great deal of commendation for having occupied the top spot for so long, across so many editions of the index it must be pointed out that this blockchain has not been having the best time beyond this index of late. It has been mired in a controversy with regards to its governance model ever since it was alleged, with some evidence to that effect, that EOS had reversed some confirmed transactions.

Ethereum (ETH) has also been consistent in terms of holding the second spot. Bitcoin has shown a degree of improvement, however, by moving from its earlier 18th spot to the 15th.

As the report noted, the fact that Ethereum’s hard fork had been postponed to late February by developers had had some impact on the ranking of Ethereum and represented part of a significant trend.

The press release noted:

“In the past month, the upgrade of Ethereum Constantinople, which has received much attention from all parties, failed to proceed as scheduled. It is expected that the upgrade will be completed in the next evaluation cycle. A number of public networks, including Cardano, Application Chain, Stratis, Bitcoin, EOS, etc., have released new mainnet versions or patches, and super cash, quantum chains, etc. have been launched on the new main network, Cardano.The new test network has been released, such as the Nebula Chain, and the ontology, Nass Chain, Stratis, etc. have released new technical solutions or roadmaps. The global public chain technology innovation and product iteration still maintain a more active trend.”