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Ethereum Hackathons are improving the Blockchain Ecosystem

To encourage the development of blockchain based systems and decentralized applications (dApps) Ethereum hackathons have been held at many places all over the world since 2017.

Ethereum was launched in 2015 and become one of the leading platforms for decentralized web and dApps. To make the platform more successful ETHGlobal was launched. ETHGlobal is a not for profit organization which is managed as a partnership between L4 and SV Angel. Initially, ETHGlobal got a grant from Ethereum foundation. The core team of ETHGlobal includes Kartik Talwar, Ethan Wilding, and Liam Horne. The core team of ETHGlobal believes that the Ethereum foundation has helped them a lot to foster the world-class ecosystem of ethereum developers and entrepreneurs who are interested in building a decentralized future. The main objective of the platform is to leveraging the experience of the highly expert team to run events such as ETHWaterloo to support the next generation of Ethereum Hackathons. ETHGlobal provides tools, logistical support, and comprehensive guide to run Ethereum Hackathons successfully. ETHGlobal has played a key role in the growth of Ethereum open source developer community, educational talk, technical workshops, etc. to the hackers who participate in hackathon events to develop applications.

Most of the hackers believe that ETHBerlin is the most successful Ethereum Hackathon till now. In ETHBerlin a wide range of innovative projects such as the game of Battleship has emerged. ETHBerlin has also gained a huge media coverage because of decentralized applications and Ethereum based solutions such as live streaming, hotel booking, and ticketing. Developers not only from Germany but also from the several other countries have participated in the ETHBerlin to build products on the blockchain.

Right now the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still in their early stage of development. Infrastructure to attract institutional investors has been created now there is a need to scaling the solutions which can help to expand the capacity of base protocols such as Ethereum. Events like Ethereum Hackathons will play an important role in helping developers to create decentralized applications with streamlined processes of kick-starting projects.