Ethereum Founder

Ethereum Founder May Leave ETH Platform, But Not Entirely

As of late, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee was compelled to remark on a few allegations on Twitter, about him segregating himself from the Litecoin development venture which he established in 2011.

Presently, It is the turn of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin to remark on a portion of the inquiries he was asked through social media about the likelihood of him leaving the Ethereum network.

In answering the queries in regards to him pumping the substantial Ethereum which he got in the times of pre-mined ETH in order to show the support for the crypto which implies that the coin can’t make due without him, Vitalik Buterin reacted by saying:

“I’m confused… how does holding coins make me a pumper? I’ve actually been getting messages from some in the community criticizing me for not being pumped enough….”

He likewise reacted to the discussion if he had ever thought of isolating himself from the Ethereum network by saying that:

“Already in progress”…watch the repos, even much of the research is being done by (Danny Ryan), (Justin Drake), (Hsiao-Wei Wang) and others.”

Also, the ethereum co-founder assured the Ethereum network that his detachment wouldn’t influence the system. He was cited as saying that:

“I think ethereum can absolutely survive me spontaneously combusting tomorrow at this point.”

He clarified that his detachment doesn’t mean his complete disappearing by saying:

“To be clear, “detaching” meant detaching from *needing* to participate. No actual plans to disappear any time soon.”

Another declaration was made by Team Lead of Ethereum Foundation ‘Peter Szilagyi’ clarifying the postponement in the launch of the forthcoming Constantinople on the test network Ropsten because of the vulnerability found in 20% of its update.

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