Blockchain Course Launch in University of Tokyo

Ethereum Foundation Donates $800,000 for Blockchain Course Launch in University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo has begun to offer a blockchain course at its graduate engineering school, thanks to $800,000 donation from a consortium that includes the Ethereum Foundation as well as Japanese banking juggernaut Sumitomo Mitsui.

The class, Blockchain Innovation Donation Course, was rolled out on November 1st and will run through October 2021, as indicated to a statement by Sumitomo Mitsui.

There are some other corporate donors including JSS Corpo., Good Luck Three, Hotlink Co., Zipper Corp., and Money Forward Inc.

Cultivating Blockchain Entrepreneurs is the Prime Goal

The goal of the course is to educate students with outstanding talent in information mathematics about fintech as well as the game-changing technology underpinning cryptocurrencies.

The University of Tokyo expects to nurture future of blockchain entrepreneurs by teaching them about decentralized public networks and how to socially implement them.

The Blockchain has become a burning topic right now, that many corporations are investing substantial amounts of money in promoting the development and widespread adoption of the blockchain.

Some experts say that innovative technology has the potential to transform banking, healthcare, supply-chain management, as well as the entertainment industry.

Even Ripple Donated $50 Million to Multi-Uni Program

The blockchain-based payment network, Ripple donated $50 million to 17 universities in June 2018 throughout the world to launch a partnership called the University Blockchain Research Initiative. Ripple reportedly made the donations in the USD, not cryptocurrency.

The company stated that the interest in blockchain is towering as more and more people are exploring the vast potential of distributed ledger technology, also facilitating speedier cross-border payments.

Ripple also invested $25 million of its native currency in April 2018. The investment was made into Blockchain Capital Parallel IV, a $150 million fund which will invest in blockchain ventures.

Several top business schools from across the world, for example, Wharton and Stanford, have expanded their MBA course offerings for including classes on Bitcoin as well as Blockchain.