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Ethereum Co-founder Joseph Lubin Predicts Trump’s Re-Election And Tokenization of All Asset Class

Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin during the 2019 Ethereal Summit made many heads turn with his stark and bold predictions. Speaking at the conference Lubin predicted that the current United States President Donald Trump will be re-elected for another term, Facebook might break up, and the crypto market would peak new highs.

Amid all the predictions that Lubin made, the one that turned most heads was the prediction about Trump winning the elections again. Lubin said that the current President will win the 2020 elections which will be followed by the decline of America due to an increase in hate crimes and division among the common public.

Lubin also touched upon the status of Facebook which was marred into controversy during the last US Presidential election for allegedly selling data of millions of US citizens, which led to probable meddling during the elections. The controversy also prompted the co-founder Chris Hughes to call for Facebook to be broken up. Lubin picked upon this subject and predicted that the break up of operation in Facebook would actually help it operate more efficiently.

Lubin during his keynote speech also emphasized on the need of the decentralized future. He went on to claim that Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain would help the world become more unified and fairer to the majority. Lubin also drew attention towards his  ConsenSys firm which has been promoting the need for decentralization in civil platforms.

Lubin also predicted that the future is decentralized and tokenization of any asset class would become a norm. By 2047 the world would become more democratic where the common public would be more involved in the decision-making process and the world would be more democratic than it has ever been.