Ethereum Co-Founder Joins Board of Crypto Futures Platform ErisX

Crypto trading startup ErisX announced on Thursday that Joseph Lubin, the founder of  Ethereum development studio ConsenSys has joined their board, in preparation to launch spot and derivatives markets for digital assets, including Bitcoin and eventually Ethereum.

Additionally, Cris Conde, a tech entrepreneur has also joined the board and the two will be working alongside DRW CEO Don Wilson, Valor Equity Partners managing partner Antonio Gracias and ErisX CEO Thomas Chippas.

The press release cited Lubin’s experience in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry, along with his familiarity with the Ethereum network as an important addition to their team. It is worth noting that Mr Lubin has founded several other companies, including the Swiss-based EthSuisse, that contributed heavily to the creation of Ethereum.

As of now, ErisX plans to provide Bitcoin futures product at launch, which unfortunately might get delayed due to the US Government shutdown in effect. The company has hopes to add Ethereum and other litecoin fututres to its services in due time.

Jessica Darmoni, the Head of Marketing at ErisX said that launching Ether products sstill remains a primary goal for the company. However, she declined to say if the company was planning to actively lobby for or announce an ether futures product in the near future.

She said,

“As a general rule, we don’t comment on engagement with regulators while we are still in process with them…However, we can say that Mr. Lubin and his team bring extensive knowledge and background on Ethereum, the crypto space as well as the token space to ErisX.”

According to a previous statement by ErisX CEO Thomas Chippas, the company’s interaction witht the United States Commodities and Futures Trading Commmission (US CFTC) has been both “positive and productive.” He added that the company was loking forward to resuming its work with the regulator on its derivatives clearing organization application.

The company previously had four seats at the table. With the addition of Mr Lubin, the number goes up to five. Additionally, Mr Conde, a former CEO of software giant Sungard, will be replacing independent board member Cliff Lewis, who had been on the company’s board since February 2018.