Ethereal and Consensus Set a Conference Virtually, due to Coronavirus

Ethereal and Consensus Set a Conference Virtually, due to Coronavirus

As coronavirus is spreading at a rapid pace, Consensus 2020 organizer Coindesk has made a decision to host the conference on the virtual basis. Ethereal hosts, ConsenSys, made an announcement and extended their in-person event for later this fall. 

The public events and sporting fixtures resulted a cancelation around the world, Consensus and Ethereal 2020 to be held virtually.

Coindesk announced to extend the May conference from New York city’s Hilton Midtown to online-only platforms. The remote conference offers free attendance, with refunds being issues for every individual who had already purchased tickets to attend the event. Conference organizers are still planning to host industry speakers in a “rolling live TV-like experience”.

The popular Etherum-centric conference, Ethereal, will also be shifting to an online format. ConsenSys stated that the Ethereal Summit which is about to held in New York in 2020 can be postponed. Meanwhile, they are working on reinventing Ethereal NY as the first-ever Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020. The event will be officially held on 7th & 8th May. 

Moreover, the move comes after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio approved of a measure taken by Andrew Cuomo, state governor to ban gatherings of over 500 people. However, he stated that they are in deal with the state to enforce a rule barring large gatherings of 500 or more people. This may affect sporting events, parades, rallies, conferences, and performance venues. Most of the venues are expected to begin at 5PM on Friday. 

Mr. de Blasio announced that COVID-19 could impact routine life in the city for around six months. A state of emergency has been declared in the city. The novel coronavirus has forced the NBA to suspend the season as the Trump administration’s bungling of the country’s preparedness to deal with the threat exposes weakness in federal government’s competence.

The sources confirmed that the chance of global recession in the next 12 months is expected to be around 50%, odds not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. Market participants are sensing the increased levels of uncertainty.