Eset Predicts Crypto Jacking May Grow in Magnitude in 2019

The problem of crypto jacking has troubled the crypto community for long in 2018, where it exceeded the more widespread issues like ransomware. Now, according to the latest development, an analytical firm Eset has predicted that the issues of crypto jacking might reach new heights in 2019.

The main reason for such a widespread nature of the issue with little to no measures to control it, because the number of smart devices like computer and smartphones is at an all-time high, with numbers due to increase even further. It is comparatively easier to infect a smart device with crypto jacking malware without the user ever knowing about it.

How does CyptoJacking Works?

Crypto jacking nuisances has dominated the global blockchain news headlines throughout 2018. A hacker can simply insert malware in your browser and then use your device’s computational power to mine cryptocurrencies of their benefit.

The year has been plagued by different cases of crypto jacking troubling major websites and mining farms by putting malware into their respective systems and robbing their energy and power, and making them suffer.

BTC Wires has compiled a list of major crypto jacking cases and news headlines across the globe. You can read about these cases from the list given below.

Eset asserts that 2019 will see an increase in cybercriminals’ use of automation and machine learning in attempts to collect more data so they can launch more personalized and sophisticated social engineering campaigns. While it is unlikely that cybercriminals will have access to the wealth of data stored by vendors, such as people’s regular shopping trips, they could employ web trackers that follow victims between websites or gather information from data brokers to form profiles.

Final Thoughts

The nuisance of hackers secretly using your computer or mobile smart devices for mining cryptocurrency without the consent has already caused heavy losses. If the authorities or core developers of the cryptocurrency does not sufficient measures, these hackers may run havoc in 2019 as well.

Either the crypto community must be made aware of the adverse effects of crypto jacking and ways to detect it, or the development team should take the charge to find a way to get rid off these nuisances at the earliest.