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Epoch Partners Launches Retail Public Offering To Increase Exposure

Epoch Partners is a global equity investors firm, which is based on the long-term drivers of shareholder returns. Recently, they have launched a retail public offering for a new Japanese hedge fund, that focuses on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Introduced on October 15th, subscriptions for this offering, have been set at 100 billion yen, which amounts to 892 million USD. The company from the Cayman Islands said that the focal point of this new Epoch Digital Assets fund would be to invest in a variety of investment vehicles to gain exposure on various cryptocurrencies, initial coin offering and other digital assets. This fund will aim to offset volatility while seeking aggressive returns and provide investors with a diverse exposure into the crypto market.

The fund will be marketed in Japan by Teneo Partners, a Tokyo based firm, in collaboration with various other securities firms, throughout the country. The CEO of the company said,

“As a fully licensed Japanese securities company that specializes in offering offshore alternative funds to Japanese investors, we are delighted to be working with Epoch Partners… The ability to offer a truly unique diversified digital asset fund to our distribution and investor networks allows us to more fully address the increasingly diverse investment needs of our clientele and to differentiate ourselves from our competitors within the Japanese securities industry.”

A partner at Epoch partners, James Skinner, is of the opinion that Japan has unmatched potential when it comes to the promotion and subsequent usage of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. He said,

“They were the first market to create a proper regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies, and as such can be seen as the world pioneer in this area. We were very keen to undertake the world’s first public offering of a cryptocurrency fund in Japan and look forward to great things ahead.”

However, he still sees a massive scope of development and growth in the country, in this sphere. Cryptocurrency and other such digital assets are very likely to become integral and integrated parts of investment portfolios, in the very near future. Skinner says the though the Asset class, in Japan is a young one, the involvement of giants like Goldman Sachs and Nomura into the Japanese market is a testament to the enormous amount of potential this area holds.