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Enjin Will Host the Dyverse dApp, Announces VREX Lab

Enjin, the Blockchain-based games development ecosystem, has been selected by VREX Lab as the host platform of the Blockchain marketplace dApp, Dyverse.

VREX Lab develops augmented reality (AR) apps.

The Dyverse dApp enables users to collect, breed, and play with crypto-collectables. These collectables are three-dimensional monsters called Kydys. They can be plugged into the AR video messaging called Kydy, which is developed by VREX Lab.

On Thursday, January 17, 2019, VREX Lab announced in a Medium post that it will be partnering with Enjin. This partnership will allow the integration of characters and items from Enjin’s partner games, as well as the Kydys, into Enjin Wallet and the Dyverse marketplace.

As per the announcement, VREX Lab also revealed that the Blockchain platform Dyverse has been launched on the famous website for new products, Product Hunt.

The above-mentioned announcements by VREX Lab have garnered much attention from the crypto-gaming community.

At the time of writing Dyverse is ranked at number two for 24 hours transfers across smart contracts which comply with Ethereum’s standard for Non-Fungible Tokens, called the ERC-721.

The only dApp that beats Dyverse, according to Etherescan, is the famed CryptoKitties. As per the data, over a period of last 24 hours, CryptoKitties has recorded as much as 4,636 transfers, while the number of transfers for Dyverse stands at 979.

Interestingly, apart from this development, Enjin has plenty in store for the development of its product suite.

On Thursday, the CEO, Co-Founder, and Creative Director at Enjin, Maxim Blagov, tweeted an announcement that explained that users will be able to exchange hundreds of trading pairs through the seamless Enjin Mobile Wallet.

These pairs include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Enjin Coin, as well as several other ERC-20 compliant tokens.

Blagov tweeted that the launch of the exchange feature will “all be thanks to the world’s first native, decentralized, in-app multi-exchange integration,” enabled by Kyber Network (KNC), Bancor (BNT) and Changelly.

Well, looks like there is some more buzz in the Blockchain gaming space after a while. Last year in October we had announced how Enjin is transforming the online gaming world with Blockchain Technology. Let’s wait and watch to see how 2019 fares out for Enjin!