Enjin is Transforming the Online Gaming World with Blockchain Technology

The blockchain development platform of Enjin is planning to transform the world of online gaming. With the help of blockchain technology, Enjin is going to enable the players to move seamlessly in different gaming worlds with their favourite characters and items in every world.

Enjin was born almost a decade ago and grew into one of the biggest social gaming platforms in the world. The main objective behind the Enjin Network is to connect and create a vibrant gaming community. Currently, the network has over 1 million users which are spread out in more than a quarter of million gaming communities from all over the world.

Enjin’s Multiverse

Multiverse is an infinite array of universes where anything is possible and every possibility exists. The universes in the multiverse are often known as parallel or alternate universes or other dimensions. In the multiverse, players can use their multiverse items in multiple gaming universes. In other words, players can transport their multiverse items in parallel universes where they can see their items emanate in different forms with various functions.

The idea was first introduced in the blockbuster movie Ready Player One. The movie was centred on the OASIS, a massive network of gaming universes where players could move swiftly to other universes with the same characters and virtual possessions in every universe they merge into. Now blockchain technology is going to offer the same experience to online gamers. The whole thing will be decentralized means it won’t be under the control of a single entity.

Instead of storing the information of centralized servers Enjin is going to store each gaming item on the blockchain along with its identity, history, metadata, and provenance because the items which are based on the blockchain can be transferable across endless gaming worlds. Players can use their blockchain address to store their multiverse gaming characters and items. Multiverse by Enjin will enable the players to have an exciting gaming experience. Now you do not have to lose your favourite character or item when the gameplay is complete. You can move them to other universes and can play virtually infinite games. For online gaming lovers now it’s time to experience the multiverse.