Dubai Futuretech Decentralized 4.0: Blockchain Summit on 21st and 22nd November

An exciting news for all blockchain developers and enthusiasts. The Global Blockchain Foundation brings to you, Dubai Futuretech Decentralized 4.0, a two day tech event at Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel.

This summit is going to witness a congregation from all over the world, of blockchain experts, developers, investors, startups etc. Seeking insipration from leaders of India and the United Arab Emirates, this event is a one of a kind opportunity for experts of the industry to mingle and listen to up and coming ideas.

The event has two notable segments, one is the Blockchain Startup Pitch Competition and the other one is the Futuretech Startup Pitch Competition. Investors will be present at both of these events, looking for bright new ideas to put their money on. It is an incredible opportunity for people who are looking to float their projects in the market, to catch the attention of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Apart from these two events, the summit will consist of 3 Panel Discussions on Futuretechnologies: Deep Impact On Socio Economic Global Landscape, Crowd Sourcing 3.0 STO vs ICO, and Past, Present and Future; Futuretechnologies In The Decentralized Landscape respectively.

Attendees and speakers include names like Ebrahim Al- Alkeem Al Zabi, information and cyber security expert of Abu Dhabi Government, Lord Angus Oglivy who is the CEO of IPM, Jason H. Jang, Co-founder of GBF Korea, Alwin Tan, President of Asia Blockchain Hub and many more esteemed names from the industry.

It is going to be a great opportunity for the community to grow, learn and pass on the information to the upcoming tech superstars.