Dogecoin’s Creator Leave All His Social Media Platforms

Dogecoin, a crypto token which started out as a parody of the crypto space and based on the famous Dog meme has seen its creator left the platform once it rose the popularity charts and became a valuable cryptocurrency, to maintain the true essence of the decentralization. Now the creator Jackson Palmer has abandoned all the social media platforms as well, making it virtually impossible for anyone from the community to interact with him.

Palmer first made his Twitter account private and then deleted a number of videos from his Youtube account. These two social media platforms were the key point of his communication with the community members. Although Palmer did not really clarify the reasons behind his sudden disappearance, the Dogecoin community members believe they know what made Palmer retreat from public life.

One of the users said that the reason for going private on Twitter was triggered by the backlash and negativity that the founder received after putting forward his views on a controversial topic. The user said,

“On Twitter, he had a skeptic – analytic position about cryptocurrency and blockchain and it was always refreshing to many, myself included, to listen to his opinion and for that he had many followers and he managed to produce a lot of quality conversation. But more recently he focused more on other issues like identity politics for which he got a lot of negative replies as one would expect. That probably influenced his decision to delete Twitter as well as the prevalent tribal mentality in many cryptocurrency communities.”

However, another user said that the decision was merely an instinctive one, as Palmer felt saturated with the exposure to social media, and the decision should not be seen as caused by some critical issue. He also suggested that the founder has done it several times in the past as well. The user said,

“He just wanted a break and time away from the whole space. He is well, he is good just taking a break from everything crypto”

So, for now, we do have an explanation over his Twitter going private, however, the reasons behind deletion of Youtube was given by Palmer himself on his Twitter account before going private. He said the decision to delete a few important videos was done in order to prevent incessant user comments demanding that he do something about the scammers impersonating him. He also commented that his public videos will be oriented to technology in general to avoid negative reviews.