DOGE vs BTC: Elon Musk declares crypto ‘space race’ with BitMEX has begun

Can BitMEX and Bitcoin beat Elon Musk and Dogecoin to launch the primary crypto quality into satellite orbit?A 21st-century house race seems to be production between Elon Musk and BitMEX, with each party pledging to launch their individual crypto of option to the literal moon initial.

On June 4, the favored crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX declared it’d be supporting space robotics firm, Astrobotic Technology, within the company’s mission to send its initial business lander to the moon throughout this Q4 2020.

Noting that the mission aims to be the personal instance within which “a private company leading a coalition of state, academia, industry, and international partners reaches the satellite surface,BitMEX plans to create the occasion by delivering a one-of-a-kind physical Bitcoin to the moon’s surface. touching on Musk as a “Dogecoin protagonist,” BitMEX added:

“We’ve nothing against Dog cash, we have a tendency to feel it had been solely right to assist Bitcoin get there first.”

The announcement followed Elon Musk’s early May news that SpaceX is progressing to launch a Dogecoin-funded payload on one in every of its initial rockets to the moon, declarative that DOGE would become the primary cryptocurrency to succeed in lunar orbit next year.

Elon Musk described BitMEX’s new astronomic ambitions on Twitter, proclaiming: “A new house race has begun!”

While replies to Elon’s tweet are mostly his followers’ disruption for DOGE to win the crypto race, others noted there are a lot of pressing issues on Earth than whether or not one’s crypto token of alternative is that the initial to enter the orbit of another heavenly body.

While few comes exploring the utility of creating crypto infrastructure from space have captured the thought imagination like Musk’s Dogecoin expedition has, the Tesla CEO’s plans to require cryptocurrency out of this world aren’t the primary.

Blockstream seems to have been the primary in pioneering the utilization of crypto satellites, launching satellites to broadcast Bitcoin transactions from space in August 2017.

In August 2020, Robonomics associate degreed Kusama declared an bold arrangement to develop “an celestial body architecture” capable of relaying knowledge between Mars and Earth exploitation the Kusama network.

CryptoSat printed the construct behind its bold arrangement to launch a nano-satellite the scale of a mug into space during a Nov 2017 whitepaper, with the satellite slated to work as an isolated degree isolated scientific discipline module from orbit. The team plans to prove the construct with a launch this year before sending a complete constellation of CryptoSats into orbit soon.

Spacechain launched in 2017, and has with success deployed nodes in orbit. On June 3, 2021, the project declared its multisig Ethereum payload destined for installation on the International artificial satellite had been launched aboard a SpaceX rocket.