DMarket, the Blockchain Based Gaming Service Extending its Global Reach

DMarket the world’s first blockchain based marketplace for buying, selling, exchanging, and collecting gaming items is ready to increase its global presence as a part of its expansion plan.

DMarket is an in-game item monetization technology and service company. The company offers a cross-game universe where people can trade virtual assets. DMarket believes in the future of virtual reality where virtual houses, virtual clothes, virtual goods, etc. are available for everyone. The company understands hidden demand for virtual assets trading. As the virtual gaming industry is skyrocketing, the company is looking forward to providing simple and innovative solutions to the gaming industry. According to a research report, already there are 2.3 billion gamers across the globe who spend over $137 billion on games every year, and these numbers are increasing at a rapid pace. Currently, millions of players are looking for reliable ways to make money from the trading of virtual good from their favourite games.

Last year, the company raised $19 million during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). DMarket has its representative offices in Santa Monica, United States and Ukraine. DMarket is planning to take the trading of digital assets to a whole new level by extending its global footprints. To extend its reach, the company opened its third international office in London, United Kingdom. The step taken by DMarket will help the company in extending its presence across Europe. Simplified documentation flow and the new office will increase the value of DMarket to game developers in Europe.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Dmarket, Vlad Panchenko said that:

“We see this as a very important step in DMarket’s development. Europe is one of the main markets for us, and we have chosen London as the most dynamic and tech-savvy European city to simplify operational work with our European partners and customers.”

The new office in London will be headed by the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of DMarket, Tamara Slanova. Tamara said that:

“I’ve been working with the European market for the past decade. It’s a big challenge yet a huge opportunity for DMarket to intensify our business processes with our partners and build new alliances.”

DMarket has also announced its support for the upcoming release of a collectable card mobile game, known as Dheroes. The card in the game represents top video game blogger of the world who have close to 30 million audiences. According to Vlad:

“Wide-ranging support for creative and promising gaming projects is part of DMarket’s global strategy. Our vast expertise in the games industry, unique technology and service will help monetize DHeroes and significantly expand its audience.”

Now players will be able to buy, sell, and exchange DHeroes cards on the DMarket’s platform.