Dish Network Begins to Accept Payments in Bitcoin Cash

BTC WiresDish Network has continued its support for digital currencies by announcing that it will start accepting bitcoin cash, just like it had begun accepting bitcoin as a form of payment in 2014, becoming one of the first notable companies to do so.

The Network is based in the United States and offers television services on a subscription basis. When it decided to start taking payments via bitcoins back in 2014, it was the largest firm in the world to have done so having around 14 million subscribers in total. Now the users of the Dish Network can use either of the two cryptocurrencies to make payments for their monthly subscriptions as well as movies charged on a pay-per-view basis.

The press release from the company stated that the users will have to send the exact amount of digital currency (bitcoin or bitcoin cash) required for that particular payment via its website or a set-top box. Dish Network’s executive vice president and chief operating officer John Sweringa remarked that the company has added bitcoin cash much like it had added bitcoin four years ago, in order to make sure that they could serve those users who were interested in exploring alternative avenues of making/accepting payments and conducting their business.

Besides announcing this addition, the Dish Network also said that it was switching to BitPay from the crypto payment processor it had used all this while, claiming that the shift was meant to ensure a higher degree of flexibility, choice and ease of use for customers.

BitPay is one of the major players in the field of crypto payment providers. In a Series B funding round that occurred in April, it raised a remarkable amount of 40 million dollars. The CCO of this provider said that the partnership with Dish would enable them to build upon the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies among customers looking to make online purchases. This lowers risks related to credit card frauds and also make for a really cost-effective option.