Did You Know About Tron’s Latest Educational Initiative?

It seems that the Tron Foundation is trying to promote blockchain and cryptocurrency, as part of an educational initiative, as even after almost a decade, the majority of the world’s population is not fully aware of what it exactly is. Tron has thus decided to bring light to ‘the world of darkness’.
Their marketing team, from the beginning of March, has already made arrangements and conducted their first talk in the series of events which will focus on helping ordinary people understand what crypto and blockchain are and how they can transform the world.
The first such event was conducted on the 7th of March of this year, in San Francisco and was attended by more than 40 people. Tron had even managed to involve three experts as speakers in the panel. All of them work either in the blockchain space (Chris Eberle, COO of Swarm) or are occupied in the field of crypto/traditional finance and investments (Cecilia Li from OKCOIN U.S.; Kevin Ding, Managing Director at Danhua Capital).

The panel discussed several topics, enlightening the audience about numerous widely spread misconceptions about blockchain. One of those is that many confuse Bitcoin and blockchain and that virtual currencies may help you make a quick fortune. They also explained why the financial industry was to adopt the blockchain technology.

The Tron speakers also explained why the first area to embrace blockchain in full will be the industry of finance. The difference between traditional payment systems, such as PayPal, and the way cryptocurrencies function were also discussed. The high speed ensured by open ledger transactions, lower costs and as well as the issue of transparency, all were discussed at the event.

The prolonged bearish market and its implications were also brought up. The team of speakers explained that technological development for various blockchain platform is much more vital to follow rather than watching coin prices go up and down charts.