Did You Know About The Six New Darknets That Were Added?

Six New Darknet Markets in a Month

Deepdotweb, in the past month, has added half a dozen, mostly new, markets to its DNM list. Any one of the markets such as Cryptonia, Empire, Nightmare, and Yellow Brick Road has the chance to become the new Dream or Wall Street, but that will take time and trust.

Following the voluntary shutdown of Dream, Wall Street, the darknet’s leading DNM, is confirmed to have pulled an exit scam, making off with millions in vendors’ funds. DNM users will find out, in less than a week, whether the onion address that has been cited as the forthcoming home for Dream’s successor will turn into a working marketplace, or simply a federal seizure notice. Although there  is mercifully no lack of alternative DNMs to service the needs of customers, in a hurry.

The loss of Dream and Wall Street has spurred four new DNMs. The first of these, Cryptonia, promises two-of-three bitcoin multisig, a wallet-less escrow system, two-factor authentication, strong anti-phishing measures based on public key cryptography, and EXIF metadata stripper for images. Cryptonia sells all the usual darknet vices, but has only a few hundred listings, due to its newness, though the number is increasing gradually.

Another new arrival is Agartha. Unlike Cryptonia, a deposit needs to be made to your marketplace account before any purchase. However, it’s too early to make an assessment of merits, with less than 500 listings. It may have potential and most notably accepts more cryptocurrencies than most – BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR, VTC, and DASH.

Nightmare is similar to Agartha, accepting wallet deposits for six cryptocurrencies including BCH and ZEC. Despite having only launched last month, it has a significant headstart in the competition with 24,000 listings for drugs alone.

It is impossible to get past the captcha on Yellow Brick Market,which leada to doubts about the site’s legitimacy. Empire Market accepts deposits in BTC, XMR and LTC and has around 20,000 listings. Finally, there is Core Market, which takes BTC and XMR and has positive feedback so far. Some of these markets will naturally get shut down or exit scam in due course, but as always, more will rise to take their place.