New Wave Capital

Despite Ongoing Bearish Market, New Wave Capital Users Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Every story comes with two aspects, one is negative, and the other is positive. In crypto world, this year has been a terrible one in many regards. In the meantime, a few businesses are flourishing more than ever before. A crypto robo-advisor, New Wave Capital, sees its users investing more and more despite the bearish market.

Launching a crypto robo-advisor service is dependably a big gamble. This launch, for New Wave Capital, couldn’t have been timed worse. Proposing this service even after the Bitcoin’s retrace from an all-time high doesn’t bode well. 2018 has turned out to be rather brutal for all digital currencies, as values continue to decline every single month.

Astonishingly, the company isn’t any bad about this market momentum. User signups are smoothly progressing. However, current users continue to invest more as prices tend to be lower. That’s surprising, as one would surely expect the users to close their accounts and decrease their losses. Crypto is a very unusual industry since the overall “faith” remains rather strong.

New Wave Capital makes cryptocurrency investment straightforward. They cater to both accredited investor and regular consumers alike. All that one requires to invest is a minimum of $100. Given Bitcoin’s current price, that’s become more than an affordable gamble to take. With $100, one can easily buy half of one ETH, a digital currency that is valued at over $1,200 a few months ago.

One thing which makes New Wave Capital even more appealing to adopt is their unique approach to the diversification. In the crypto world, Diversifying a portfolio is of the utmost significance. The company offers exposure to ZCash, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin and others. Further, their service rebalances the exposure of portfolio every single quarter to minimize the level of risk.

As of now, it remains uncertain what the coming years will come with for Bitcoin and altcoins. A long-haul outlook is required to be unsuccessful in this industry as an investor. Bitcoin remains the dominant cryptocurrency in the market.