#DeleteCoinbase: What Does Roger Ver Think About It?

As previously reported by BTC Wires, Coinbase has recently been in the middle of a messy controversy since their acquisition of Neutrino, and as a result of it, a steady social media trend with the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase has also been gaining ground. Many crypto enthusiasts have come up to let their opinions known. While most of them were supportive of the movement, some were rather uncertain about whether this kind of action was too harsh a punishment for an exchange of Coinbas’s stature. Roger Ver, the chief proponent of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin.com CEO also voiced his opposition against the #DeleteCoinbase campaign.

The crypto community is in turmoil over this issue as Neutrino because of certain Neutrino executives were involved with Hacking Team, an intelligence firm that sold spyware to governments with poor human rights records.

The campaign #DeleteCoinbase gained massive traction, with several influencers calling out Coinbase’s inaction. So much so that the crypto community at large is still not too keen about the exchange in spite of Brian Armstrong, the CEO of the exchange, stating that Neutrino employees who were involved with Hacking Team have been let go, the community still isn’t too keen on the American exchange.

However, it seems that Roger Ver is not a big fan of this campaign. Ver, who is an early investor in the exchange and the recent addition of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] on the Coinbase wallet in February, appealed to the community to look past the exchange’s “poor decision,” citing the crypto-adoption that it has spearheaded.

Ver tweeted:

“Coinbase has done more to drive crypto currency adoption than just about any other company. We should be grateful despite a few poor decisions along the way.
Don’t #DeleteCoinbase”

Needless to say, Ver’s #DontDeleteCoinbase counter-campaign does not look like it is gathering a head of steam.