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Decentralized Racing Game Horseman GO Deployed on EOS

The popular blockchain gaming studio, Cogito announced the official launch of its decentralized autonomous game today, Horseman GO. This is an end-to-end virtual horse racing game where players are responsible for building their own ranches for breeding, cultivating and training horses for racing.

Horseman GO, deployed on the EOS public blockchain, is differentiated by its unique governance mechanisms that are underwritten in the coding language, instead in the hands of game publishers. It is the first blockchain game that’s going to be completely self-operational, self-managing, and self-developing with the players guiding how the Horseman GO ecosystem needs to continue to evolve over the period of time.

The new decentralized gaming system is designed to challenge the modern-day online games. Besides, Horseman GO addresses the imbalance among game developers, players and network operators observed in the industry today.

Kevin Yu, founder of Cogito, stated –

“From the irrefutable success of CryptoKitties in 2017, we’ve seen that the blockchain gaming ecosystem has yet to significantly innovate since then, with today’s games bogged by laggard network speeds and the inability to retain players. With the potential for blockchain to allow for greater transparency and safety for players who look to monetize in-game assets, we wanted to create a game that took this idea of ownership a step further.”

The self-governing function of the decentralized racing game is enabled by the in-game Jockey Club which is a decentralized autonomous organization inside the game that collectively manages a central wallet in which earnings are used for covering the basic expenditure of the Horseman GO community.

Yu continued saying –

“As the first game of its kind, Horseman GO proposes an innovative model of gameplay, distinguished by a self-functioning economy determined for players by the players themselves. Designed wholly with the spirit of decentralization in mind, we hope to foster an ecosystem that encourages players to be fully invested in the creation of the Horseman GO ecosystem, empowered by the emphasis on community inclusion and accountability for its growth.”