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Decentralized Crypto Exchange Releases New Over-The-Counter Tools for Block Trading

BTC Wires: AirSwap, the decentralized exchange, announced on 15th August, that it is releasing the framework for a brand new over-the-counter (OTC) trading product that will be rolled out on the mainnet. Mainnet essentially refers to a blockchain network that enables senders and recipients to exchange virtual currencies, with the transaction occuring on a distributed ledger. It posted an update on its official website where the company stated that for now, the new product would be open for use by an exclusive private group of beta users only.

AirSwap, which was established last year, in 2017, as a decentralized exchange operating on an Ethereum Network, has always had a great reputation for offering simple peer-to-peer trading opportunities for ERC20 to a group consisting predominantly of retail investors. This new launch of the OTC block trading product will make sure that investors having a high net worth can use this platform to trade any amount of virtual assets. Don Mosites, the co-founder of the exchange remarked that the new OTC tools are expected to make trading a more direct as well as a more open process. He added that the tools are essentially meant to allow the customers to explore prices with a greater level of flexibility and evaluate the counterparties one is thinking of getting into business with. The OTC solutions will bring to the table a whole new world where liquidity can be attained with relative ease. The AirSwap network will be able to now support trades of any size, large or small, without any problems.

For those who are already using the AirSwap exchange platform, the new launch of the OTC block trading tools is an exciting addition to the firm’s arsenal of features. The exchange has always been instrumental in easing the whole process of buying and selling tokens and customers have always been satisfied with the level of convenience offered. Now, the new rollout will also introduce a chat feature to allow traders and buyers to privately communicate with one another. This will make sure that the concerned parties can work out the details and clauses of their negotiation without making them public knowledge as that could have a potential effect on the overall market itself.