Dash Partners With Payment Gateway Company to Drive Adoption

Dash recently took to its official website to announce its new partnership with payment gateway company ePaymints. Since the company is a global payments service provider with access to clients all over the world, the integration of Dash could potentially bode rather well for its adoption rates.

Cryptocurrencies are not normally amenable to chargebacks but it is hoped that by integrating Dash into the ePaymints platform, that might become a possibility. Chargeback is an important service crucial to customer satisfaction since it helps them make good on losses in case a transaction turns out to be a fraud or needs to be reversed because of a dispute. According to ePaymints itself, the company has helped customers settle a large number of chargeback disputes (ranging between 65-92%) in favour of themselves.

The announcement on the Dash website read:

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ePaymints, a global merchant account, and payment gateway company whose speciality is high chargeback and cash based industries. Dash will work with ePaymints’ high profile clients to integrate Dash as a form of payment, providing a solution to the current pain points within today’s traditional payments.

Dash’s new partner ePaymints is a company based out of Sacramento in California. Its services include merchant accounts for global customers, payment gateway, and fintech payment processing solutions. Dash believes that tapping into the chargeback needs of users is a great way to expand its own set of use cases. According to the announcement, the two are already planning how to integrate the clients and will soon fine-tune other aspects of their collaboration.

Given ePaymints is capable of reaching out to clients from 195 nations with 135 currencies in its roster, and Dash cryptocurrency is a leading privacy coin at a time when the hype about privacy cryptocurrencies is growing, both companies are expected to benefit from this partnership. However, since the announcement, the Dash price has not shown any signs of an upswing.