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DApps Are Approaching the 200,000 Daily Active User Mark, Reports

With the increasing use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies throughout the world, how can dApps be left behind in the race?

Yes, according to DappRadar, dApps are now approaching the 200,000 daily active user threshold, which is a contrast to the total daily active usage just one a year ago. This time last year, Ethereum dApps had just over 15,000 daily active users throughout the world.

Strangely enough, they are currently below that threshold. But all of the recent growth in dApp daily active users is what has come from the introduction of EOS as well as TRON to the market. Both the platforms launched in the previous year, and are seeing moderate signs of success.

However, both EOS as well as TRON are highly skewed towards applications like betting and gambling. There is evidently a niche market which both the platforms are able to tap into. The dApp transaction volume is on the global order of $35 million per day, mostly on EOS/TRON, and mostly on gambling dApps.

The few decentralized applications that do have users are slowly growing. So far as the largest dApps are all seeing between 5 to 10K active users every day, which is an improvement over this past summer’s anaemic numbers. But still that remains a far cry from the millions of daily active users who developers of traditional apps enjoy so far.

The global dApp ecosystem continued to grow from the mid of 2018 as new projects from Ethereum and EOS have come online. Where there are only a handful of projects which have ever seen more than 10,000 daily active users, dApps are nevertheless generating increasingly high transactions volumes from a very small number of users.

Gambling makes up the overwhelming majority of dApp transaction volume, which proves that there’s a market for decentralized betting, even if it’s minuscule as compared to a global online gambling market measured to be worth roughly $50 billion in 2017.