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CyClean Uses Crypto Transport to Clear Smog

Mofassir Hossain, who heads the marketing department of CyClean, has, in a recent interview to the Irish Tech News portal, commented on how CyClean is making forays into the renewable energy space to get rid of smog and provide a clean crypto transport system powered by blockchain.

Hossain said that renewable energy, which mostly comes from solar power, is a crucial component of our collective future as it can safeguard our environment as well as our health while making sure we do not miss out on the wonders of modern technology.

Renewable Energy is being increasingly put into use to further developments in finance, health, social media and a bunch of other allied industries. In his opinion, the harnessing of renewable energy for blockchain would open up a series of new doors. Since blockchain is a relatively new sphere people are taking interest in, the sector
faces substantial issues in terms of raising funds, marketing and channelising their know-how in a way that is viable in the market.

CyClean, Hossain says, is a project that would aim to overcome the challenges the blockchain industry faces as a whole and use it to fashion a rental system for electric automobiles and vehicles which would use smart contracts. These electric vehicles, in turn, would reduce toxic emissions and generate (or allow users to mine) CyClean

Coins at a rate depending on the meters or watts. It hopes to revolutionise the electric car, motorbike and crypto mining industries by introducing the use of renewable energy.

Hossain emphasizes on the fact that CyClean is more than another addition to the long list of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings we already have. With real CyClean products backing the technology, the CyClean tokens can be used to rent vehicles further.

The company is collaborating with eAutobahn, Smartcity, JPay, DOGU, etc. and these top organizations together are expected to revolutionize this space. Most recently, the company has partnered with one of Hong Kong’s largest bike sharing portals, Ketch’up Bikes, and notably, CyClean has made the historic decision to buy a 60% share of Ketch’up Bikes’ holding company IMUSIC with just cryptocurrencies and not any form of traditional money.

Hossain also said that they decided to conduct an ICO for the company in order to maximise popularity and exposure beyond Korea and among the rest of the world, and that they have already made $3 million. Their ICO will be running till the end of August, 2018, and it hopes to raise around 50,000 ETH through the sale of tokens alone.