Crytpocurrency Will Now Be Accepted As Humanitarian Aid By UNICEF France

In a welcome move to accomodate cryptocurency in the mainstream, UNICEF France has just announced that they will be accepting donations or humanitarian aid in the form of cryptocurrencies. This move is being wlecomed by crypto enthusiasts who wish to conduct charity work out of their own volition but do not wish to involve fiat currency in the process.

UNICEF France has announced that they will accept nine cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash- via its website.

What is brilliant is that donors will also have the option of mining six of these cryptocurrencies directly to UNICEF France’s wallets.

UNICEF France’s executive director, Sebastian Lyon, expressed his admiration for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and termed them as “an innovation in terms of solidarity and fundraising”.

Back in February, the global UNICEF body launched a campaign called GameChaingers to help children in Syria which is a combat zone. They asked gamers to contribute their computing resources to mine cryptocurrency via the Claymore mining software. They were mostly expected to mine Ethereum. The campaign mined a total of 85 ETH.

A similar campaign was run by UNICEF Australia whereby the mining of Monero was encouraged via a website called HopePage, which was specifically set up for that purpose.

UNICEF Australia’s Jennifer Tierney explained

“The HopePage allows Australians to provide help and hope to vulnerable children by simply opening the page while they are online”

The entire campaign was done very legitimately and it seeked the miner’s permission first before it took crypto mining power from them. It was a commendable initiative, one which UNICEF France is clearly following the footsteps of.