Cryptocurrency Cafe

Cryptocurrency Café Makes its First Debut in Florida

We all have heard of regular cafes. This time, the United States of America has introduced use to the idea of a cryptocurrency cafe.

Crypto and Coffee

The first cryptocurrency cafe is now open for business on Clematis Street in the West Palm Beach of Florida. Already, the retailer is proving to be a famous hot spot for what one source describes as “people of all ages” and “all walks of life.”

One customer remarked that she was aroused by the prospects of a cryptocurrency cafe and that she was looking forward to seeing what would happen.

Nelson Winter, co-owner of the organisation, is so excited about the prospects of bringing something completely new to the customers. He says that he wants people to say, “Wow. This is cool.”

He says that the cafe is not so much about being able to purchase cups of coffee and pastries with cryptocurrency, though that’s certainly a huge part of it. He’s also inquisitive in educating customers about the advantages of cryptocurrencies, and he’s determined that they’ll be intrigued by what they learn. He measures that approx 90% of the customers will have no knowledge or understanding of Bitcoin.

He also states –

“[We are] helping move towards adoption of cryptocurrency as a more mainstream concept for people in their day-to-day interactions.”

One of the primary goals of digital currencies up to this point is both to be used and spent like traditional money. This has unfortunately been rather difficult considering digital currency’s vulnerability to outside market influence as well as price swings. As long as cryptocurrency remains volatile, retailers will probably think twice about accepting cryptocurrency as a valid payment mode.

Crypto and Computer

Also, the cafe is built to look like the inside of the computer. As Winter states –

“The ones and zeroes that are floating around are like being inside a computer, because ones and zeroes are the language of computers… We see our customers as anyone who wants a fantastic cup of coffee. Bitcoin itself lays in the middle between finance and technology, and it is the marriage of those two universes. So, what we want to do is attract either side of that equation.”