Cryptocurrencies To Be Retailed Across 10,000 Tobacco Shops In France

As per reports, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. will become available for sale at retail locations numbering up to 10,000 in France soon. The crypto startup of the country, Digycode, has collaborated with Parisian payment major Ingenico to translate this plan into reality.

We had reported earlier in November that such as possibility was on the cards with crypto being retailed from tobacco shops within France. Now that plan is taking flight, with major expansion happening. The startup handling the project will allow users to purchase prepaid coupons. These coupons will now be available in three main price points: mainly 20, 50 and 200 euros, giving users a diverse set of options to choose from.

In order for the customers to redeem these coupons, they must visit the official website of Digycode first. Then, they have to fill in their secret code. After that step is completed, the users will have their fiat currency (euro, in this case) to any of the supported cryptocurrencies they prefer.

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As per the statement given by Christopher Villegas, ago serves as the chief executive officer or CEO of the firm Digital Services, 10000 retail locations spread all across France will be selling these unique, highly sought after cryptocurrencies. He further commented:

“The deployment of Digycode is the result of a partnership between Digital Service and Ingenico, and tobacconists equipped with a Devlyx cash register, therefore eligible to sell our product for their customers.”

The project has been receiving support from Kerplerk, a fintech group. Speaking of the local connect that can be established by bringing crypto to customers via tobacco sellers, Adil Zakhar, the group’s founder said:

“They trust their local tobacco shop owner more than they would trust some remote anonymous website.”

The comment shows us how important it is to make laymen connect to crypto on a grassroot level, by taking help from familiar players such as tobacco sellers.