Crypto World Rejoices As Justin Sun Gets Nominated For Nobel Prize In Economics

In what seems like a landmark moment in the history of cyptocurrencies, Justin Sun, the founder and public face of TRON (TRX), has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics.

This comes as a huge reason for the industry to celebrate and look forward to greater international recognition and acknowledgement for cryptocurrency. Turns out that Sun had been a potential candidate for the highly respected accolade for some time now.

Sources close to the Nobel committee claim that his name had been considered for nomination last year itself. This year, it had allegedly received almost unanimous consensus from economists, which in itself has never happened before in the history of the award.

His nomination draws global attention towards how futuristic and significant the concept of cryptocurrency is. With TRON’s growing popularity and stability over time, it is really heartwarming to see Sun receive the praise that he deserves.

Thijs Faaknoos, a Nobel official said,

“It was a no-brainer really. Most economists hold TRON and there was a real move to nominate Sun last year; we decided to see how TRX developed. This year, there was simply no way we could ignore the voice of the international community.”

This recognition is one of the most prestigious awards that an economist can receive in his or her lifetime. It is traditionally awarded to a recipient for their “outstanding contribution to the field of economics.”

Previous laureates include Friedrich Hayek, I.P. Freely and Milton Friedman, whose work forms the bedrock of the modern understanding of cryptocurrencies. It is a great honour to be even considered for such a highly venerated prize.

“This new development will greatly improve crypto’s standing within the international community”, said Dr Iver Fooldjou, a professor at Cambridge Ringroad. “Whatever else happens this year, April First will be a red-letter day for the sector.”