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Crypto Wallet Competent Opera Browser Coming to iOS

Opera is all set to release its cryptocurrency competent wallet which would support ethereum on its Opera Touch browser for Apple iOS devices. The browser is already available for downloads on both the Android and iOS platform, but the support for ERC-20 token wallet has been added now. The addition of crypto wallet came on the heels of an update to the regular opera mobile browser.

Mind you both opera mobile browser and Opera Touch browser are two distinct products where the latter has added support for Ethereum platform based ERC-20 tokens. Apart from the latest addition of an ERC-20 competent wallet to the Touch browser, another selling point is its web 3 competence. You can use the web-3 enabled touch browser by subscribing to the beta version as of now. While regular users can expect a roll-out anytime soon.

What’s Web 3 functionality?

Web-3 basically is an initiative taken up by Etherum co-founder and it has a special crypto connection. Web-3 refers to a truly decentralized internet with no privacy concerns as it promises an experience which is permissionless and consensual. The web-3 foundation aims to create a censorship-resistant and private form of internet, which should have been the goal of the internet ecosystem in the first place.

In its promotional video, opera describes its latest update cum initiative of Web-3 as a platform which allows everyone to access the decentralized application and promote the peer-to-peer market place.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency and decentralization were always predicted to fail just a couple of years ago, but the current trends of traditional products and services moving towards the crypto ecosystem are quite the signs of decentralized future.

Apart from Opera, Samsung, and HTC, two of the most noted mobile producers in the world has gone crypto with adding support for crypto wallets in their devices. Even the traditional banks and investment institutions like JP Morgan and even Barclays who were pretty confident over the failure of the decentralized technology have either ventured into the crypto space or are looking to make an entry really soon.

Telegram is all set to launch its own wallet as well as a local token to join on the crypto bandwagon. Thus, looking at the progress made in the acceptance of crypto, it’s quite evident that the future is better when decentralized.