Crypto Wallet, Blockchain, Supports Airdrops Through Its Unique Program

A new white paper released by Blockchain, a digital currency wallet and data service provider, has stated that ‘airdrops are good for crypto users’. The white paper sets out why Blockchain believes in the benefit of token and coin giveaways, both for the customer as well as for the crypto world. The paper also announced the launch of a new project that aims to facilitate approved ICOs with the distribution of tokens to users.

The paper explained that newcomers face a lot of issues in obtaining tokens for the first time. It states that the process can often be complicated and requires capital. There are also various regulatory issues that act as a barrier for the buyer. Investors are also exposed to risks associated with depositing funds in online platforms.

According to the white paper:

“Airdrops, on the other hand, provide a free and transparent way for anyone with an internet connection and a computing device to obtain crypto assets at no cost.”

The paper illustrates the fact that airdrops have the ability to reach millions of users across the globe. Hence, they can assist with economic empowerment. The increased adoption of cryptos, in return, would give the necessary boost to the cryptocurrency industry.

Backing up the statements highlighted in the white paper, Blockchain, successfully announced the launch of its Blockchain Airdrops program. It aims to help crypto projects reach more than 29 million of Blockchain’s wallet users.

The President and Chief Legal Officer at Blockchain, Marco Santori, said that he believes airdrops have the power to decentralize networks without exposing the users to the inherent risks associated with ICOs. He is also of the view that airdrops also help potential customers who do not know how to mine cryptocurrencies. He was quoted as saying:

“Using Blockchain Airdrops, crypto creators can supercharge network effects and crypto users can try out new tokens for free. It’s a win-win for the ecosystem.”

The white paper states that projects need to meet some basic  requirements to be a part of the Blockchain Airdrops program. Firstly, tokens should be distributed at zero cost, and also they must serve some function. All airdrops must be conducted in transparent manner, and there shall be no malicious activities. Project’s community, technical team, and network activity are some of the other factors taken into account to meet the regulatory compliance.