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Crypto Movement in India Gains Momentum, Expands Town Hall Meeting to 8 Cities

Crypto Regulations in India are in its final stages of being drafted and the Indian crypto community is not leaving any stone untouched to influence the drafting committee to create a user-friendly framework. Blockchained India has been the crusaders of a country wide open town hall meetings encouraging citizens to voice their opinion on how they would like the government to finalize the draft.

The town hall meeting which was earlier scheduled to take place in four major cities of India has been expanded to 8 cities now, after looking at the success of these community gatherings. Apparently, the best ideas from these meetings would be forwarded to the drafting committee responsible for drafting the framework regulations for crypto use in India.

The Blockchained India has already completed the town hall meetings in Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The last name in the list was Banglore which is scheduled to take place on March 30. Looking at the interest and demand of other crypto enthusiasts the Blockchained India has now added Ahmedabad, Pune, Goa, and Kolkata to the list.

Akshay the co-founder of Blockchained India said that the newly added cities would be handled by the volunteers, however, the topics and questions of these townhalls will remain the same as the previous ones. The schedule hasn’t been fixed as of yet, but he mentioned that tentatively the newly added cities would see the Town Hall in April. He elaborated,

“tentatively we are looking at 6th for Kolkata, 13th for Goa, 20th for Ahmedabad and 27th for Pune.”

The Town Hall Meeting Has Been a Success

Each of the previously held meetings has garnered over 400-500 people on an average while many more follow the event online. Each town hall meeting has been followed by an interactive session lasting anywhere from 35-40 minutes, which was set for only 15.

The organizers have encouraged people to join the meeting remotely if they can’t attend them live.

The Blockchained India has promised to put forward the best suggestions to the committee responsible for drafting the framework. Out of all the suggestions that the initiative has received from all around the country, the most common one has been people asking to lift the ban imposed last year on the crypto use by the Reserve Bank of India.

The founder also mentioned the most interesting suggestion which read,

“Lift the ban immediately, if it continues for over another one year, India would not be participating in this paradigm shift except as retail investors.”

The Indian government must realize that any new technology has its fair share of shortcomings at the beginning and only after years of refinement, the technology proves to be worth the investment.

India has already missed on the dot com boom in the late 90s but at that time India was not the economic or technical powerhouse that it is today. So, if the country misses out on another technology boom, it might become a spectator in the crypto boom.

Blockchained India would follow the town hall meetings with the ‘India Dapp Fest‘, scheduled to take place in Banglore after the commencement of the countrywide Town hall gatherings. It plans to present the report of the countrywide crypto movement along with the best regulation advice given by the community. So, if you are an Indian and see the potential of the technology and want to be a part of it, we recommend you to follow the movement curiously.