Crypto Miners are Joining Honeyminer in the Thousands

BTC Wires: Cryptocurrency mining application Honeyminer is gaining ground very quickly, as more and more people want to earn Bitcoin using just their laptops.

According to reports, the total customer base of the firm has risen to almost 50,000 now since it launched in June. One-third of the users are based in emerging markets around the world, and the company also says that at least 5% of the new customers are from Africa.

One such customer from Kenya answered a few questions of a survey conducted on the Telegram channel of Honeyminer. The user stated that he managed to acquire his first Bitcoins using the application.

“I’ve had an interest in bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain but I never quite understood what they meant,” said Steven, the customer from Nairobi. “I am trying to raise money to buy a more powerful gaming desktop in the future where I can earn an average of $3 – $4 per day. So far I am one happy miner.”

According to Noah Jessop, co-founder of Honeyminer, thousands of users from several developing nations are rallying to download the application. Such countries include Indonesia, the Phillipines, and even India. He stated:

“We’ve stumbled into something that was far bigger and more international than we imagined.”

This huge of surge of the user base suggests that Honeyminer’s mining pool software can be accommodated on computers with over 1000 different types of GPU cards, says Larry Kom, co-founder of Honeyminer. What the startup essentially does is takes the cryptos mined using the GPUs such as Ether or ZCash, and them converts them into Bitcoin before depositing them directly into the digital wallets of the users.

Kom said recently in an interview that there has indeed been a huge variety of insights that the company had gained about GPU mining from its users. Jessop as well says that the sheer variety of new miners provides him inspiration.

“I’ve been so struck by people who are trying to get a rig set up,” Jessop explained. “We’re coming up on 10,000 folks that are running homemade rigs, or even industrial-type rigs.”