Crypto Market Sees Mixed Trends With Bitcoin Holding Well Above $4000

As the month of March, 2019, draws to a close, the crypto market still has not managed to break into the bull run that was promised at the beginning of the year. Hopes are beginning to fade for sure, but thankfully, it has managed to keep its head above the water. With mixed trends marking the crypto prices as of now, the crypto market seems to be holding on quite respectably compared to its track record over the past year. Top crypto Bitcoin itself has managed to stay around the $4,100 mark.

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Even though the pioneering cryptocurrency is yet to touch or break past the resistance point around $4,200, it is closer to its dream than it has been for the most part of the last few months. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency (according to market cap), has seen a fall, as has the third largest, Ripple. Ethereum has seen its price decline by only 0.59%, going down to $140.90. Ripple, for its part, has fallen by 0.86% to $0.309619.

Of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, the other coins and tokens that have performed well and are in the green include EOS, Binance Coin, Stellar and Cardano. Binance Coin (BNB) seems to have had the sharpest rise, having gone up by 4.27% to $17.28. Within the top 10 range, there has not been too many steep falls in prices, and the decline experienced by Ripple seems to have been the sharpest.

Again, repeating a trend we saw a week back or so, the privacy coins have mostly done quite well, with DASH having clocked up a price rise of as much as 10.32%, reaching a price point of $107.58. Monero has also seen a decent increase in price, rising by 4.95% to $56.39. ZCash, although not even one of the top 20 coins has also found itself in the green this week.

Clearly, the crypto market is not performing as poorly as we had become used to and Bitcoin is holding on quite admirably, if we compare its performance in the recent past. We can only hope this will soon translate to the elusive bull run we have all been waiting for.