Crypto Enthusiasts in India

Crypto Enthusiasts in India to Begin a Nationwide Roadshow on Regulation

In March 2019, cryptocurrency experts across India are preparing to commence a rally to influence the government’s decision on regulation through a nationwide roadshow. They plan to draw up a joint report before the Indian government in lieu of the upcoming release on a crypto regulation framework.

The campaign is organized by one of India’s foremost blockchain communities, which will see open townhalls in 4 cities across the country throughout the month. This campaign is going to be the place for India’s crypto community to come together and make their voices heard.

National open townhalls will be taking place in four major blockchain cities: Delhi On 2nd March, Mumbai on 9th March, Hyderabad on 16th March, and Bangalore on 30th March.

Having been on the road for the last 4 months preparing for the upcoming Dapp Fest in May 2019, the team has got a chance to interact with the country’s widespread crypto as well as blockchain community.

Co-founder and country head of Blockchained India, Akshay Aggarwal, spoke about what they hope to gain from this campaign, saying –

“We have found Delhi and Bangalore to be the most mature ecosystems. The enthusiasm, especially in Delhi, is another level altogether. Though when you look specifically at enterprise blockchains, Hyderabad comes quite close to Bangalore. This is due to the initiative of the Telangana government to form a blockchain district.”

As indicated by Aggarwal, they have got extensive interest in the events, and around 30 to 40 companies have signed up as speakers. He expects a sum of 1,800 – 2,000 people participating in four events, flying in from across the country.

The country head of Blockchained India outlines that while some entrepreneurs are travelling to their participating city, ecosystem members who are not able to join physically are emailing their insights to Blockchained India to be included in the report which will be submitted to governmental decision makers.

The roadshow is aimed at offering unbiased information around the developments happened in the cryptocurrency space to date, and experts opinions on the reason behind those developments, covering both positive as well as negative aspects of the Indian industry landscape.

Aggarwal says –

“This will be followed by a round of stakeholder views on a probable state of policy that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help the Indian economy by capturing value generated by the unique paradigm shift that this industry demands. A Q&A session with experts on hand will allow participants to address their most pertinent questions and queries.”

Thus, the events will offer complete coverage of the topics pertaining to the upcoming government policymaking.