Crypto Movie

Crypto: Critics Don’t Seem Too Happy To Watch This Long-Awaited Movie

The long-awaited movie “Crypto” finally premiered in American theatres, with its first function in New York City last Saturday.

The movie tells the story of an agent who investigates a corruption scheme incorporating highly powerful people. This clandestine network uses digital currencies as mechanisms for maintaining secrecy, make illegal transactions and launder money.

In spite of the talent of the actors, the critics didn’t agree on a consensus about the movie. The movie is good for some, while for the others it’s regrettable.

Crypto has 50% acceptance on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5/10 on IMDB.

Good Movie, But Script Sucks

The primary criticism appears to point to poor script development. Probably, the writers didn’t have adequate experience or didn’t really know how cryptocurrencies work.

TheTopDawg stated –

“I get that all three writers are amateurs, but didn’t the producers at least pick up on the need for a fine tune/re-write of this convoluted mess of a script?”

“Unless you have any idea about cryptocurrency and forensic accounting (luckily I do, and I was still confused), you’ll lose interest in this film pretty fast.”

Another user, Padokevin described that the film harmed the famous perception of digital currencies, as it showed a number of misconceptions –

“I was really hoping that this movie would be educational for many people but unfortunately it will paint a negative image for crypto in general…that crypto is used for shady purposes like drugs, prostitution, porn and money laundering …”

“Only if people could understand or educate themselves about it, poorly realized movies like these wouldn’t fool us about crypto anymore!”

Putting the critics aside, just the fact that cryptocurrencies made their way into Hollywood is the only thing worth noticing. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are gradually being part of the pop culture and probably they will soon permeate more examples of our everyday lives.

At last, the opinions are as heterogeneous as the likings of the viewers. Though the final thought is for each person, and with a movie where 50% love the plot and 50% hate it, it is the best to go to the cinemas, buy tickets to “Crypto” and let fate surprise you.