Crypto Bulls Fuel An Increase In Blockchain Related Fundraising

The crypto market has outdone itself and performed exceedingly well in the year 2019. At the time of writing, Bitcoin has surpassed $5300 and all major altcoins are in the green.

This bullish trend in the market has some other repercussions, most of which are positive. One of them is the increase in blockchain projects around the world, and the amount of funds that they are raising for their respective ventures.

The average of 40% rise in the value of cryptocurrencies in 2019, has restored the faith of many investors, after the rather harsh crypto winter. People are once again willing to invest in new projects related to crypto and blockchain, and the trading volume has also witnessed a massive high.

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The Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) were considered to be going out of trend, but it looks like they are now making a comeback, with renewed investor faith. Although not everyone is quite convinced that the worst is over us, but the figurs and facts are still enough for most investors to take a shot on the score of crypto projects out there.

Kinesis, a yield-bearing digital asset, backed by physical gold and silver is a good example of this manifestation of renewed interest. Its CEO Thomas Coughlin said:

“It’s great to see renewed interest in the crypto markets and with our own Kinesis stablecoin sale, we’ve seen a surge in interest and investment from the crypto community. The heating up of the markets has attracted newcomers and renewed confidence from those who were waiting for more favorable conditions to get involved.”

Dima Kovalchuk, business development director at GEO Protocol, layer three solution that aims to connect networks to create a universal value transfer system, said something along the same lines:

“Nowadays investors are much more picky. If a year ago they could give money to virtually anyone, now they are looking for prospective projects with deep technical expertise, like GEO Protocol. That indicates that the market has matured, and is ready for take-off, on a basis that will be much more justified by real innovation and economics.”

There is a definite change in the market, and all that was dormant has stirred back into action again. We hope to see this trend continue for the days to come.