Crypto based Humanitarians to the rescue!

There are a lot of tension in the air that is revolving around the Coronavirus scare. There has been a rising toll in the number of deaths as well as many of the reported cases turning positive as we speak. The importance and the level of cruciality that needs to be addressed in the immediate are at a very alarming rate. People are trying to avoid contact with the public as the belief is that the disease mainly spreads through droplets that are suspended in the air. Many of the experts in the medicinal field are trying to ensure that they find the cure as soon as possible and that revolves down to finding a vaccine that will do the job.

The vaccine is the need of the hour!

Vaccine research is on full-throttle as we speak and many of the governments are allocating half of what they possess in the national treasuries to make sure that they find a vaccine to control the up-scaling pandemic. To lift the burden on the government in terms of research, many of the generous contributors are pitching in their support to promote the development of the vaccine.

With an interesting turn of events, it was highly surprising to see that many of the giants and whales of the crypto world also want to do something to make sure the pandemic is under control. The funds that these people are donating are directed to the funds that will help in the development of the vaccine.
According to sources, a group claiming to call themselves as the COROHOPE is organizing combined bitcoin donation drives to make sure that they are used for the development of the vaccine to eliminate the COVID-19 virus.

Something Humanitarian!

The newly formed COROHOPE is one of the task force that was created in the effort of finding new and optimistic methods to reduce the effect of the virus. They say that it is really interesting to see many of the cryptocurrency holders showing interest to do something for society. A generous amount of donations have so far reached the organization through the active participation drives that they are conducting.

The organization says that even though they are receiving a lot of funds from around the world in terms of cryptocurrencies, they still face a lot of hurdles to enable vaccine research as the US Food and Drug Association is taking things slow. They are one of the primary sources to approve the use of the vaccine and such delays from such organizations are definitely impacting the process and functioning of such organizations.