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Crypto ATM maker Trilliant partners with Digital Identifier Yoti

Identification is one of the important factors to reflect the authentication of a person. We might be in a situation where we may need to prove We are who we say we are! It also adds legitimacy to any business or title. The identification adds to the security and the tracking of any kind of situation. Keeping such things in mind Yoti, a digital identity app – the easiest, most secure way to prove your identity online and in person, has tied hands with cryptocurrency maker Trilliant. It is a multinational cryptocurrency ATM service which aims to create a large network of their trademark ATMs across Europe.

The deal aims to provide an instant KYC on its next-generation cryptocurrency ATMs. Yoti has promised to provide

know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks, improving acquiescence and giving individuals a simple, private and secure way to prove their identity.

Yoti will provide Trilliant with:

  • Instant and accurate KYC
  • Streamlined and cost-effective KYC for both operators and individuals
  • Frictionless on boarding and fast processing times, with individuals sharing pre-verified identity attributes in seconds instead of showing paper ID documents
  • Identity verification from over 160 countries using government IDs and biometrics

Sebastian Korbach, CEO of Trilliant, said: “Trilliant’s announcement of a working partnership with Yoti is sure to improve the quality of the experience that our cryptocurrency ATMs can provide. Ensuring that each user is who they say they allow us to offer an additional layer of security and safety to our users. Additionally, the Yoti partnership will offer our users a slick KYC service to allow the greatest ease-of-use. As a result, Trilliant becomes an even greater force in the crypto ATM market and solidifies us as the dominant player in the industry.”

Yoti is helping to streamline and simplify the process where individuals are required to prove their identity at the Trilliant Point-of-Sale. Yoti has asked individuals to prove their identity in seconds by scanning a QRcode to share their pre-verified details; creating a secure and frictionless experience. This removes the need for them to carry around and show paper ID documents, which can easily be lost or stolen.

Thom White, Future Technologies Lead at Yoti, said: “We’re excited to be working with Trilliant to help streamline the company’s KYC process, creating a frictionless and secure customer experience. The Yoti app provides individuals with a single digital identity, which can be used across and beyond the crypto industry. This allows individuals to prove who they are and register for services such as Trilliant’s crypto ATMs simply by scanning a QR code. He further continued With Yoti, individuals onboard once and then can instantly share their verified identity attributes (KYC) with any organisation that has integrated a simple Yoti SDK. Our partnership with Trilliant is another great step for Yoti into the crypto sector and beyond.”

The impact of blockchain technology is compelling every sector of business to provide a way in which they can be recognized to be tangled with the new technology as well.