Crypto Analyst Predict Bitcoin Price To Touch $1,800

A well-known crypto trader and a twitter commentator who goes by the name “The Crypto Dog” (@TheCryptoDog) has predicted that the Bitcoin touching a price point of $1,800 won’t be surprising.

However, the Crypto Dog was quick to point out that the price prediction is not backed by 100% facts and might just be his belief. When he says that the prices might touch $1800, he means that the declining prices of Bitcoin won’t bother him even if it touches those lows. He also predicted the Ethereum prices to fall in the $50 mark.

The Crypto Dog and His Various Predictions

The crypto trader and the twitter commentator enjoys the following of around 100k. He is a regular in the crypto trading scene and is known for imparting his trading knowledge to his 100k followers.

He recommends to learn more about the trading and focus on low-risk assets for the beginners. Recently Crypto Dog also shared one of his older tweet threads which were tweeted back in December 2018. The thread has predicted the bearish crypto trading market to end soon.

In the older thread, he has also predicted a low of $1,800 for the Bitcoin and a high of $6,200. His December tweets have become a talking point among his followers where he has predicted that the prices of Bitcoin would hover around $3,000 to $5,000 mark for a substantial period of time. The seasoned trader also believes that the present bearish market trends serve as the perfect time for the new and upcoming crypto enthusiasts to make an entry into the Bitcoin trading scene.

New Entrants can Reap Riches in the Next Bullish Market

While explaining the thinking process behind the prediction and his encouragement for the new entrants, the Crypto Dog says that the current low price tends to serve as the perfect opportunity for the newcomer who can reap the riches of their investment in the next bullish run, which is around the corner.

The predictions of highs and lows made by Crypto Dog might not be backed by evidential facts, but the reasoning is quite good. The trader believes that the period between mid-2019 to mid-2020 would act as a catalyst for the next big bullish trend.

The reason being major developments like Bakkt, Fidelity’s digital asset platform, and the VanEck bitcoin exchange-traded-fund (ETF) to (possibly) be fully launched (by then) and it would propel the prices of various cryptocurrencies to new heights just like the 2017 bullish run.

The research director at Trade Block questioned Crypto Dog about the prolonged bearish trends in the market, to which he responded,

It’s always a concern when everyone is clinging to cash and risk appetite has all but soured, but that to me would be much more worrisome if Bitcoin’s market cap were larger

The veteran trader also believes that overtime Bitcoin has started to show similar signs of commodities and cash rather than equities. Concluding his argument Crypto Dog made it known that the market trends are near-impossible to predict and we can only make the assumption based on trading experience.