Crypterium Ships 4,000 Crypto Debit Cards Within A Week

Crypterium, Estonia based fintech company head by a former Visa exec, has shipped a whooping number of 4,000 crypto debit cards in a week since the launch of the card.

The Crypterium Card was launched back on June 12, and it offers a world class facility for crypto enthusiasts across the world. It is a prepaid card that comes loaded with all the top cryptocurrencies like (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC), etc. This automatically makes the card a hot commodity for most crypto traders, who would love to have such major cryptos in the palm of their hands. 

The scale at which the card has been ordered is what’s quite surprising. Then again, is it? Looking at BTC’s trajectory this last few weeks, it’s not difficult to conclude that the market is currently in hot pursuit of all the BTC that they can possibly afford, along with the other major cryptos. Most experts believe that with time, crypto will be as common as fiat and will be gradually integrated into the mainstream.

Amidst such expectations and market sentiment, it is quite expected that a card like this would fly off the shelves as soon as it is launched in the public market. The card would offer the convenience to its users of buying online subscriptions. paying medical bills, making other purchases and so much more. Additionally, given the massive spread of crypto ATMs across many regions of the world, this card would come extremely handy at such ATMs. The company has said that the new card operates much like a “traditional prepaid card.”

The company is lead by Steven Parker, former General Manager of global payment giant Visa, who says that these impressive numbers hint at the global demand for a “stable debit card” which would provide equal status to crypto and traditional currencies in terms of payments.

The Crypterium cards have managed to already find their way around 70 countries in the first week after the launch, which is quite obviously a green signal for the growing demand for BTC and other altcoins, given the boom in the market at the moment.