New Crypto Platform Enables Trade

Cross-market Platform Enables Trades Across 200 Financial Instruments

A new platform, LH-Crypto, says that its service offers traders a chance to transact across various digital currencies and 200 other financial tools like forex on fiat currencies, precious metals, shares and commodities.

The platform has a beta version that enables users to take participation in margin trading, which is a feature that helps in distinguishing its ecosystem from crypto exchanges.

Margin trading through LH-Crypto means that the platform’s members can make deals by using sums 100 times larger than their total account balance.

Traders can even receive funds in the form of digital currencies or fiat, and in case they top up their account by using traditional currencies, then this cash can be converted into the crypto asset of their choice automatically.

LH-Crypto provides MetaTrader 5 for free in 3 unique ways. In addition to the desktop software for crypto trading that can run on Linux and Windows operating systems, a web-based terminal helps users in trading on the browser of their choice, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge.

Keeping Cryptocurrency Traders Updated

Offering its community regular updates on the latest features being added to its platform, the cross-market platform, LH-Crypto’s website works as a hub for news on digital currencies as well as the global economy, while providing traders the intelligence for helping them make informed decisions.

Also, an economic timetable offers dates and times for the upcoming data announcements on manufacturing scores, unemployment, inflation, consumer confidence, exports and trade balances for nations across the world.

While trying to capture the imagination of those navigating the crypto world for the first time, the company even provides quirky introductions to the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto wallets and slang through a YouTube series known as CryptoClowns, featuring two clowns known as Monero and Crypsy offering trading forecasts as well as comprehensive discussion of the market movements.

LH-Crypto says that its project launched officially back in 2018 after a successful Initial Coin Offering. According to the website, more than 12,000 individuals from across 50 countries were involved in the fundraiser.