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Craig Wright Sues Roger Ver For Libel

Craig Wright is controversy’s favorite child and he has proven it enough number of times. But, most of his controversies come back to bite him and the latest one might do the same. After sending lawsuit threatening letters to Bitcoin proponent pseudo name Hodlonaut and Blockstream CEO Adam Back which led to the delisting of BSV token from a number of crypto exchanges and services, Wright has not learned his lessons. This time he has filed a lawsuit against his ideological rival Roger Ver whom he had quite an altercation during the infamous November hard fork of the Bitcoin cash network.

Roger Ver received the legal documentation from Wright’s representative at an informal meeting at a London crypto event. The legal notice makes a claim for libel against Ver.

The legal notice is based on a video made by Roger Ver which dates back to April 15th and the title of the video says, “Special Message to Craig Wright.” In the video, Ver can be seen calling Wright a liar and fraud and he also challenged Wright to sue him again.

Before receiving the legal documentation, Wright’s attorney has asked Roger to apologize, failing which he might have to face legal consequences. Roger Ver currently lives in Japan and he had removed the video earlier when one of his followers wrote that publishing slanderous materials can be followed by 3-year imprisonment according to Japanese laws. However, Wright wants Ver to apologize to him publicly or using social media.

However, looking at the bad blood between the two, there was no chance that Ver was going to apologize to Wright and this is why Wright’s attorney met Ver in London and handed over the legal documentation to him with the libel claim. According to the letter, Ver needs to apologize to Wright in public and also pay a compensation fee amounting to £100,000. The legal letter also prohibits Ver from making any further accusation against Craig Wright.